JBM Becca II

Date of Birth:
Owner Name:
John and Betsy Marshall
Triple R Ranch
PH #:
Reg #1:
Reg #2:
For Sale:
Sales Price:
Sales Comments:
The ring leader and undisputed lead cow at Blue Ridge. Now 14 years old and never better: Jamakizm x Miss Becca, two times TLBAA World Champion and once runner up. Produces superior calves and is the Queen Bee. Great size, brindle color and udder. Now 94.75" TTT. Splendid in every way.
Incorporate Type:
Award DateEvent LocationAward
10/11/2013TLBAA Horn ShowcaseClass 27 Tip to Tip Champion
09/20/20132013 Longhorn ExtravaganzaDivision V Tip to Tip Champion
10/12/2012TLBAA Horn ShowcaseClass 31 Tip to Tip Champion
09/07/2012West Texas Fair and RodeoGrand Champion Mature Female
06/10/2012TLBAA World ShowGrand Champion Mature Female
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip94.750005/01/2020156 mo 
Base11.750012/10/2018139 mo 
Tip to Tip92.500012/10/2018139 mo 
Total Horn108.000012/10/2018139 mo 
Tip to Tip92.500006/01/2018133 mo 
Total Horn99.000006/01/2018133 mo 
Tip to Tip91.750005/26/2017121 months 
Base11.625012/20/2016116 months 
Composite216.500012/20/2016116 months 
Tip to Tip91.250012/20/2016116 months 
Total Horn102.000012/20/2016116 months 
Tip to Tip90.125011/09/2015  
Composite208.500008/22/20147 years 
Tip to Tip88.500008/22/20147 years 
Total Horn96.500008/22/20147 years 
Base11.750010/10/2013RIGHT BASEHORN SHOWCASE
Base11.625010/10/2013LEFT BASEHORN SHOWCASE
Composite205.512510/10/201377 monthsHORN SHOWCASE
Tip to Tip87.312510/10/201377 monthsHORN SHOWCASE
Total Horn94.812510/10/2013broke off tipHORN SHOWCASE
Tip to Tip88.000004/25/201372 months 
Composite202.375010/13/201266 monthsHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip86.125010/13/201266 monthsHorn Showcase
Total Horn94.000010/13/201266 monthsHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip82.500011/10/201154 months 
Tip to Tip76.000003/15/201146 months 
Tip to Tip54.000005/13/200924 months 
Tip to Tip39.500009/03/200816 months 
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