BRR Becca's Charm

Date of Birth:
Brown with white on back and belly
Owner Name:
John Marshall
John Marshall
PH #:
Reg #1:
For Sale:
Sales Price:
Sales Comments:
A true blue blood: JP Rio Grande x JBM Becca II. Horns finally turning out and body filling out. Already an excellent cow, soon to be elite.
Incorporate Type:
Award DateEvent LocationAward
03/12/2016Rodeo Austin Star of Texas1st
03/12/2016Rodeo Austin Star of TexasGrand Champion Female
03/12/2016Rodeo Austin Star of TexasSenior Champion Female
12/12/2015Edna Winter Festival3rd
12/13/2014STLA Winter Festival3rd
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Base11.500012/30/201969 mo 
Composite183.250012/30/201969 mo 
Tip to Tip72.750012/30/201969 mo 
Total Horn87.500012/30/201969 mo 
Base11.000005/28/201962 mo 
Composite191.750005/28/201962 mo 
Tip to Tip71.750005/28/201962 mo 
Total Horn98.000005/28/201962 mo 
Base11.000001/07/201957 mo 
Composite190.500001/07/201957 mo 
Tip to Tip71.000001/07/201957 mo 
Total Horn97.500001/07/201957 mo 
Tip to Tip69.250007/16/201852 mo 
Total Horn87.000007/16/201852 mo 
Tip to Tip66.000001/04/201845 MO 
Total Horn84.000001/04/201845 MO 
Tip to Tip59.250005/26/201738 months 
Base10.250012/29/201633 months 
Composite146.125012/29/201633 months 
Tip to Tip56.125012/29/201633 months 
Total Horn69.500012/29/201633 months 
Tip to Tip35.750006/09/201514 months 
Total Horn43.000006/09/201514 months 
Tip to Tip27.500002/06/201510 months 
Tip to Tip23.750011/25/20148 months old 
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