BRR Country Gentleman

Date of Birth:
brown body with white lineback and white on belly
Owner Name:
John Marshall
Panther Creek
PH #:
Reg #1:
For Sale:
Sales Price:
Sales Comments:
Here is a really hot prospect! A little dynamo of horn growth: 95" total horn and all of it until recent weeks perfectly lateral. A son of the Valentine bred Country Chex, a Hot Playboy son. Dam is a nice young 70+" Rio grande daughter out of our inner circle of breeding cows. This youngster shows tremendous herd sire potential: nice color, excellent pedigree and tremendous horn.
Incorporate Type:
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Base16.500012/23/201967 mo 
Composite201.375012/23/201967 mo 
Tip to Tip73.375012/23/201967 mo 
Total Horn95.000012/23/201967 mo 
Base16.250006/10/201961 mo 
Composite196.750006/10/201961 mo 
Tip to Tip73.250006/10/201961 mo 
Total Horn91.000006/10/201961 mo 
Base16.250001/07/201956 mo 
Composite195.250001/07/201956 mo 
Tip to Tip72.750001/07/201956 mo 
Total Horn90.000001/07/201956 mo 
Base16.000005/21/201848 mo 
Composite192.500005/21/201848 mo 
Tip to Tip71.500005/21/201848 mo 
Total Horn89.000005/21/201848 mo 
Composite167.875005/23/201624 months 
Tip to Tip63.875005/23/201624 months 
Total Horn73.000005/23/201624 months 
Composite160.750003/25/201622 months 
Tip to Tip61.250003/25/201622 months 
Total Horn69.000003/25/201622 months 
Tip to Tip54.250011/20/201518 Months 
Tip to Tip49.750009/14/201516 months 
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