Date of Photo: 5/6/2011 Courtesy of Blue Ridge Ranch

17 months

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BRR Casanova's Best

Date of Birth: 11/17/2014
Description: Red and white paint
Owner Name:John Marshall
Breeder:Jay and Suzie Watcter
Private Herd Number:11/4
Registration Number 1:BAI91133
For Sale:Yes
Sales Price:$3,500
Sales Comments:Big horned son of Cowboy Casanova who measured 52" tip-to-tip at only 19 months. Brightly colored and extremely docile. This youngster has a family tree that is a litany of famous ancestors, including sires such as Cowboy Chex, Peacemaker, Hunts Command Respect and Roundup; and dams like Hay Hook, Saw Dust and Poco Bueno. In addition to his great pedigree, this young bull projects to be in the high 80's tip-to-tip before he is through! Great herd sire prospect.
Incorporate Type:Raised
Pedigree Measurement History
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