BRR Starry Night

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John Marshall
John Marshall
This is a fast developing, very friendly daughter of a 105" + total horn, very productive cow out of our Lodestar (All Jamakizm x JBM Becca). She is a long legged gal with a strong genetic history who will make a fine producer. Currently projects to be in the upper 70's TTT. Really attractive young cow.
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Award DateEvent LocationAward
03/12/2016Rodeo Austin Star of Texas2nd
02/11/2016San Antonio Stock Show 1st
12/12/2015Edna Winter Festival1st
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Composite185.250012/27/202181 months 
Right Base12.000012/27/202181 months 
Tip to Tip70.250012/27/202181 months 
Total Horn91.000012/27/202181 months 
Tip to Tip67.250006/22/202063 mo 
Base11.250012/30/201957 mo 
Composite172.750012/30/201957 mo 
Tip to Tip66.750012/30/201957 mo 
Total Horn83.500012/30/201957 mo 
Base11.000005/28/201950 mo 
Composite167.500005/28/201950 mo 
Tip to Tip65.500005/28/201950 mo 
Total Horn80.000005/28/201950 mo 
Base11.000001/07/201945 mo 
Composite165.000001/07/201945 mo 
Tip to Tip64.500001/07/201945 mo 
Total Horn78.500001/07/201945 mo 
Tip to Tip60.750005/14/201838 mo 
Total Horn74.000005/14/201838 mo 
Tip to Tip58.000001/11/201833 mo 
Base11.000005/26/201726 months 
Composite133.750005/26/201726 months 
Tip to Tip51.750005/26/201726 months 
Total Horn60.000005/26/201726 months 
Base10.500012/12/201620 months 
Composite115.500012/12/201620 months 
Tip to Tip44.500012/12/201620 months 
Total Horn50.000012/12/201620 months 
Tip to Tip34.000006/13/201615 months 
Tip to Tip17.250010/12/20156 months 
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