Midnight Bluegrass

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John Marshall
Mathew and Debbie Durkin
Really nice Hot Playboy daughter with Joe Valentine breeding. Dam is a Coach daughter. Beautiful color and great carriage and excellent horn development that projects to 80" TTT with stout bases. This youngster just has the look of a winner about her to accompany splendid genetics. Will be an excellent addition to the core herd.
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Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Composite200.750001/06/202280 months 
Right Base12.000001/06/202280 months 
Tip to Tip78.250001/06/202280 months 
Total Horn98.500001/06/202280 months 
Tip to Tip73.500005/01/202060 mo 
Base12.000001/03/202056 mo 
Composite183.000001/03/202056 mo 
Tip to Tip72.500001/03/202056 mo 
Total Horn86.500001/03/202056 mo 
Base11.500005/17/201948 mo 
Composite172.500005/17/201948 mo 
Tip to Tip70.000005/17/201948 mo 
Total Horn79.500005/17/201948 mo 
Base11.500001/07/201944 mo 
Composite169.000001/07/201944 mo 
Tip to Tip68.500001/07/201944 mo 
Total Horn77.500001/07/201944 mo 
Tip to Tip63.250006/08/201837 mo 
Total Horn72.000006/08/201837 mo 
Tip to Tip61.000002/07/201833 mo 
Base11.250005/24/201725 months 
Composite135.375005/24/201725 months 
Tip to Tip53.875005/24/201725 months 
Total Horn59.000005/24/201725 months 
Base10.250012/12/201619 months 
Composite118.250012/12/201619 months 
Tip to Tip46.250012/12/201619 months 
Total Horn51.500012/12/201619 months 
Tip to Tip42.500010/05/201617 MONTHS 
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