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Welcome to the Blue Ridge Ranch web site. I am John Marshall, owner and Texas Longhorn enthusiast. I began life as a frustrated would-be cowboy trapped in the big city, dreaming of one day getting to raise cattle on a ranch somewhere in the great state of Texas. Thanks to an understanding and supportive wife, I finally got to make that lifelong dream a reality after a career as a trial attorney in Houston. What began with the novelty purchase of seven cows over ten years ago has grown into a full time longhorn breeding business with a herd well in excess of 100 head. Sadly, I lost my beloved wife to cancer in 2013 and have since found great solace and distraction in these wonderful cattle.

The Blue Ridge is particularly blessed to have a sterling ranch manager in Bubba Bollier, who is unparalleled at working with cattle and running a full time ranch operation. Together we share a vision of what a classic longhorn is and what we are trying to breed. Our goal is to produce an ideally balanced animal with excellent horn, conformation, disposition and productivity. We do a significant amount of artificial insemination and embryo transplants in the process of constantly improving the caliber of stock we are producing, using both our own bulls and key sires such as Jamakizm and Rio Grande. The ranch is in the beautiful northern Hill Country, surrounded by hazy blue ridges on the horizon and ablaze in the Spring with the multi-colored wild flowers indigenous to Texas. We stage a major sale each Spring at the ranch and host consignments and buyers from all over Texas and several other states. It is always enjoyable to meet fellow longhorn owners and we love having visitors to the ranch. Contact us and come for a personal tour of the ranch and the herd – we’ll talk cows anytime. The Texas Longhorn is a priceless part of Texas history and a never-ending source of personal fascination, and we are proud and delighted to share in the longhorn’s return to prominence today.

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April 9-10, 2021

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John Marshall | Ranch located at Llano, Texas | (713) 398-5024

Ranch Manager: Bubba Bollier (325) 247-6249

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